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reciProfity Multi-Unit Features

Photo by Carl under creative commons license.

Do you have multiple units/profit centers, run a commissary, production or ghost kitchen and want to transfer inventory and prep recipes between units? reciProfity Transfers goods between units.

Do you need to standardize recipes between different units? reciProfity has Recipe Share

You need a solution that everyone in your organization can learn and use easily.


If your software solution is too complicated for your chef and line people, you’ll never get an accurate food cost. Usability is essential: without it, you are wasting time and money.


reciProfity provides a wide range of features that enable successful implementation across multiple units and concepts and is the most usable multi-unit solution you can find.


Transfers: moves inventory items and prep recipes between units, depleting from the sending unit and adding to the receiving unit.

You can assign transfers to any or all units. Transfers update inventory levels in the sending AND receiving unit, so usage reports reflect those quantities.

Transfers can also be suspended. The receiving unit requests a transfer, this is an inside order entry for multi-unit operators. This is typically for ordering from a centralized kitchen for multi-unit users.

The transfer journal provides full cost accounting details for all of your reporting needs. Cloning speeds data entry by using previous transfers as templates.

Do you need different Rights for different users? Not a problem. You can have user rights by unit, and within units, restrictions which provide your users with only the access you want for them.

Other solutions require huge premiums in order to support multiple units. Not reciProfity.

Transferring inventory and prep recipes between units

reciProfity transfers both inventory and prep recipes from one unit to another. 

Transferred prep recipes become inventory in the receiving unit.

  • You can now create serving recipes from those prep/batch recipes.
  • For example, a prep recipe of 10 gallons of soup transferred from the Commissary Kitchen to Restaurant 1 becomes an inventory item that you use to create 8 oz serving recipes.
  • The 8 oz serving recipe then can have an associated PLU to deplete your prep inventory soup recipe when you import your Sales Mix using the reciProfity POS import function.

Do you process the same transfers over and over?  Save time by cloning a prior transfer so you don’t have to ‘start from scratch’.

In addition transfers update your Actual and Ideal Inventory, Variance and On Hand reports.

Track your Transfers, edit and clone them to save time

The transfer journal provides full cost accounting details for all of your reporting needs.

reciProfity Transfer Journal

Recipe Share

Everything you need to control how recipes are sent between units:

  • Create recipes centrally.
  • Move/update those recipes to other units based on rules you create.
  • Depending on your type of operation, you can decide to assign rights by user and unit. This can limit who, within your organization,  can make changes to recipes.
  • Thus maintaining the integrity of your standardized recipes.

Create A More Profitable Menu With Smarter Recipe Costing

We have 3 levels of pricing available for our software. Each level gives you different access to the tools and features you need that’ll make you giggle at how simple recipe costing and pricing can actually be!

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