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It’s Time To Shrink What You Think Is Right.

Better hope your competition isn’t calculating shrinkage.

Yields. Shrinkage. BAH! Who cares, I’ve Got Customers.

Sound like you? Well, aren’t you the king of the crock? If you aren’t factoring in your final food yields and shrinkages, you might as well serve those eggs florentine with a side of dollar bills. Learn how the backbone of our platform helps you to quickly factor in yields and shrinkage with the lowest amount of brainpower possible.

30 Years Of Food Costing Built Into A Slick Interface

reciProfity food costing software does everything you need to take control of your recipe calculations and start seeing an impact on your bottom line. We tackle the complexities of food costing by focusing on recipe and inventory management and sales analysis. We have tons of features; from pre populated databases, to easy importing, to meticulous calculations, all geared towards making food costing simple and less time-consuming.

There’s No Education Like Free Education.

Just by using our software you’ve already taken the first steps into food costing enlightenment. But just like anything in life, you’re still going to be looking for shortcuts to save even more time and get better results. We’ve created a Knowledgebase that includes key education for food costing and how to use our software. We hope you’ll leverage it to become an expert in identifying menu savings.

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