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‘If you can’t make the margin you need, then don’t do the event’.

When you’re catering and selling an event, it’s essential that you pre-cost your menu accurately, and propose a selling price that MAKES MONEY FOR YOU.

It sounds simple, but, as you know, it isn’t. reciProfity is catering and banquet software – the ideal tool for maximizing your profit potential.

The key to your profitability is a selling price that achieves your profit target. You can only accomplish this WITH ACCURATE FOOD COSTS. CostGuard ALWAYS calculates recipes at your current costs, so you’re assured of accuracy.

React instantly to customer concerns about allergens, nutrition and other dietary restrictions. You can also add custom nutrition and allergens.

Standardize recipes using unlimited ingredients and/or sub-recipes. Display plated images for clients.

Instant “pre-cost” information updated automatically based on your most current food costs.

Converts recipes to larger and smaller yields and create Requisition lists so you can accurately order the correct inventory.

reciProfity converts units intelligently. This would convert teaspoons to cups so you would never see 48 teaspoons. Using metric weights? No problem, reciProfity has built in metric conversions.

Unlimited ‘nesting’ of recipes within recipes, so it’s fast and easy to create and customize banquet and event menus. Menus can be converted (scaled) to the guest count with a single keystroke. Print the menu for your clients without pricing.

Catering Interface:

Most catering systems do not do food costing. Sometimes you can enter a recipe cost manually, but you know it’s static and therefore not accurate over time. How can you be confident about hitting your anticipated margins if your cost of goods isn’t accurate?

The Catering Interface exports your saleable recipes so that they can be imported quickly into your catering system. The matching is done by a numeric ID (PLU), so you don’t need to worry about the recipe names matching. After importing into your catering software, you will be confident that your anticipated margins reflect your current recipe costs.

Accurate plate costs and menus for an event.

Pricing recipes for a caterer

Current CostGuard Users

Are you a current CostGuard user?

reciProfity has an easy data import from CostGuard!

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