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Restaurants, single and multi-units

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With reciProfity you can manage any and all aspects of your restaurant business:

  • Actual food costs, ideal food costs, menu costing and engineering, counting, invoices, ordering, variance. reciProfity separates your bar costs from your food costs, suggests orders from par levels, tracks price creep, calculates overhead, and much more. Sell alcohol? reciProfity tracks your pours and your mixers.
  • The Book of Yields is the ‘bible’ for yields and equivalents. And it’s now fully integrated into reciProfity. With an integrated shrinkage calculator to determine the most accurate food cost in the industry. Like we said, all the work is done for you!
  • Do you have multiple cost centers? Do you have one or more restaurants, one or more bars and a catering hall? With reciProfity you can receive your goods in one central area and then track the transfer of those goods to each cost center. There is no limit to the number of cost centers (we call them units) you can maintain.
  • Recipe Relay: do you need to copy recipes from one unit to another? With Recipe Relay you maintain consistency by copying recipes from a central location to any of your units.
  • Agility: respond to market fluctuations and eroding margins BEFORE a full sales cycle. React instantly to customer concerns about allergens, nutrition and other dietary restrictions. You can also add custom nutrition and allergens.
  • Consistency:  create fully standardized recipes, with accurate measures, instructions and images. This is essential for customer satisfaction.
  • Manage your bar too! reciProfity separates food and bar costs for optimal reporting.
  • Food Costing: yields less than 100% cost you money. reciProfity uses the Price after Shrinkage as the item cost in recipes. Resulting in more accurate food costs.

    How do we manage shrinkage? When you enter an ingredient just click on the Select Book of Yields Conversion and then choose your ingredient. reciProfity automatically calculates the yield and any after shrinkage price.

Calculating Shrinkage Book of Yields

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