Retail Prepared Foods, Commissary, Production and Ghost Kitchens

  • A successful retail foodservice operation, including prepared foods, commissary, production, ghost kitchens, co-ops, grab & go, bakeries, and delis, MUST have accurate recipe pre-costing.

    With reciProfity you use batch and prep recipes freely in other recipes, and portion batch recipes easily into serving recipes. Price changes are entered once, and ripple through all the affected recipes. Actual to target food costs  monitor your profitability, and manage price creep.

    reciProfity prepared foods and production kitchen software provides all these features, and more:

    • Production
    • Recipe scaling/converting
    • Accurate food costing: the key to your profitability is a selling price that achieves your profit target. You can only accomplish this WITH ACCURATE FOOD COSTS. reciProfity ALWAYS calculates recipes at your current costs, so you’re assured of accuracy.
    • Batch recipes: create large scale prep recipes, and portion them out in your selling recipes (catchweight, slice, piece, by container, etc.)..
    • Change the batch recipe once, and it ripples through all of your selling recipes automatically!
    • React instantly to customer concerns about allergens, nutrition and other dietary restrictions. You can also add custom nutrition and allergens.
    • Bakery formulas calculated in weights
    • Book of Yields integration for the most accurate yield and shrinkage calculations

View your actual vs theoretical food costing for serving recipes using multiple prep/batch recipes.

Price out items you prepare as a batch but sell by the lb.

Current CostGuard Users

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reciProfity has an easy data import from CostGuard!