Yield? Shrinkage? I don’t have time to calculate all that. Can you do it for me? YES!

I have so many ingredients. Can you import my order guides so I don’t have to enter each inventory item individually? YES!

I buy the same item packed differently from the same or different vendors. Can you compare that pricing for me? YES!

Seriously, I have no idea what my recipes are costing me. Can you figure that out for me? YES!

Here’s the low down :

We calculate your yields and shrinkage with the integrated  Book of Yields

  • You can’t possibly figure out all of those conversions and yields. How many cups are there in a lb of sugar? How many fluid ounces in a bottle of Stoli? What’s left after I tip and peel carrots? How many cups of 1/4″ diced carrots does a pound yield? What is my yield after trimming tenderloin? Cleaning fish?

  • The Book of Yields is the ‘bible’ for yields and equivalents. And it’s now fully integrated into reciProfity. With an integrated shrinkage calculator to determine the most accurate food cost in the industry. Like we said, all the work is done for you!

  • Accuracy: The Book of Yields contains built in conversions from weight to volume and volume to weight, as well as trim and cooking yields for over 1,000 raw food ingredients

  • Time: when you match a Book of Yields item with one of your inventory items, you’ll see all the appropriate conversions and preps automatically added to that item, as well as yield %.

  • Agility: you can respond to market fluctuations and eroding margins BEFORE a full sales cycle.

  •  Consistency: you create fully standardized recipes, with accurate measures, instructions and images. This is essential for customer satisfaction.

  • Food Costing: yields less than 100% cost you money. reciProfity uses the Price after Shrinkage as the item cost in recipes. Resulting in more accurate food costs.

Supplier Order Guide Imports

  • Import order guides from national and regional suppliers. We offer many layouts in reciProfity, and can create more. You can reduce manual data entry of inventory items to almost nothing.

  • Import  Excel order guides from smaller and specialty suppliers

  • Import bid prices to keep your prices current.

  • Do you purchase the same item in multiple pack sizes from multiple vendors. reciProfity will help you understand the best price based on a common unit of measure.

  • Your suppliers “free” software won’t let you compare prices between different vendors or products!

USDA Database and 2017 Nutritional Labeling Compliance

reciProfity follows the latest compliance for restaurant menus and retail nutritional labeling.

reciProfity includes nutritional information for 5,000+ items from the most current USDA database. Including those that have conversions (e.g., cups per pound) and shrinkage.

  • Associate ingredients with allergens. Use the standard USDA 9 and add your own.

  • 2017 USDA labels

  • USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference (Release 28, released September 2015, slightly revised May 2016)

Current CostGuard Users

Are you a current CostGuard user?

reciProfity has an easy data import from CostGuard!