Inventory Control

  • Take counts on any device
  • Find the exact difference between your actual and ideal usage of ingredients and prep recipes
  • Schedule imports of sales data from any POS system

Lock down your inventory so that more money goes into your pocket instead of into the trash can.

Detailed yet intuitive reporting

Surgically identify sources of waste, loss, and theft

  • The Variance Report highlights the difference between actual and ideal usage for all your ingredients and preps so you can figure out exactly where you’re losing money.
  • The on-hand report tells you what you have in stock in real-time.
  • The sales mix report calculates your food cost across the board, which is more important than for individual items.
  • The menu engineering report shows you which menu items are contributing the most to your bottom line, and which ones are duds.
  • Schedule automatic data imports from any POS system so that you never forget.

Fast and easy counts

Taking counts is as easy as tapping a few buttons on your phone, tablet, or computer.

  • Inventory items live in locations that you choose and can be added or moved on the fly for efficient shelf-to-sheet counting.
  • Offline mode protects your data when you lose Wifi signal in the walk-in.
  • Track and count waste and preps just like ingredients.

Automated Prep Lists and Ordering

  • Create purchase orders straight from inventory reports.
  • Auto-generate prep lists and purchase orders from recipes and requisitions.
  • Send POs to suppliers in the app with automatically selected products based on lowest available price or preferred supplier.

Automated invoice entry

Pricing data that’s accurate up to the minute without endless admin work

  • ReciProfity’s integrated OCR engine captures your invoices, flags any uncertainties for you to check, and enters the data instantly. Best of all, our engine leverages cutting edge machine learning technology so the more you use it, the smarter it gets.
  • Ingredient prices automatically update and ripple through all your recipes based on the most recently entered supplier invoices
  • No matter how you receive invoices, reciProfity has a solution for entering them with as little friction as possible:
    • Photograph paper invoices (even with handwritten changes like keg deposits!)
    • Upload PDF and XLS formatted electronic invoices
    • Set up a dedicated email address for suppliers to send electronic invoices and forward it to our servers for a truly zero-touch solution
Automated invoice entry

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100% Cloud based

Integrates with your current software

Multi-unit support

Automatic yield calculations

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