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  • Rachael Comeaux
  • INFRA - Fresh Team Manager
reciProfity is the official food costing partner of the Independent Natural Food Retailers Association. In order to compete and thrive, independent natural food retailers require the same opportunities to benefit from the efficiencies of scale, and the deployment of food costing software, that are available to larger, established national chain retailers. As part of our core mission to provide operational support to members, INFRA engaged in an extensive search to identify a food costing software partner. The result is that reciProfity is the INFRA Preferred Partner for food costing software; this agreement has been renewed through 2023. We now use reciProfity for our own internal recipe development. INFRA confidently recommends reciProfity for the proven business improvements it provides to INFRA members.
  • Deb Williams
  • Dunn Brothers Coffee - Systems Manager
reciProfity was very easy to implement and makes it possible to accurately share and track our recipe costs and nutrition information. Extremely valuable as we prepare for the FDA mandate!
  • Philip Weikel
  • Weikel’s Store & Bakery -Owner
reciProfity has been instrumental in our overall food costing and accounting flow. Besides reciProfity’s core features such as recipe costing, nutrition analysis, ingredient labels and allergen tracking, etc…, the system allows us to import all our invoices into QuickBooks Online and allocate those costs at the item level into various QuickBooks accounts and even supporting QuickBooks Classes for additional granularity. With Reciprofity, you get the best of both worlds - a robust cloud based recipe costing solution and the ability to transfer that information into a cloud based accounting platform. THANK YOU!
  • Aaron Gottschalk
  • Wildberry’s Marketplace - GM
We are very pleased with reciProfity and have used this program to its fullest to ensure we are hitting our margin goals.
  • Ryan Ellzey
  • Wingz - Chef/Owner
After costing out my menu using Excel, I realized that constantly changing ingredient prices made spreadsheets an unsustainable long-term solution. Using reciProfity means that we always have access to the most recent pricing data and never have to worry that we’re leaving money on the table.
  • Michelle O’Connor
  • Moxie Restaurant Consulting -Principal
I continue to love to work with your program more than any other and my enthusiasm is often contagious to my clients that choose ReciProfity for their costing needs. Thank you for creating a program that I can continue to endorse.