Food Costing

  • Instant recipe costing based on real-time ingredient prices
  • Automatic ingredient yield calculations
  • AI-powered menu engineering

Increase your gross profit by 5-10% with seriously accurate food costs and less busy work than ever before.

Automated Yield Calculations

Track shrinkage of ingredients and prep recipes down to the penny without re-entering the same data over and over.

  • Tell reciProfity the yield of any ingredient one time and see it automatically reflected in all your recipe costs.
  • Ingredients can have different yields for different prep methods.
  • Built in weight-to-volume conversions.
  • Integrated data from the Book of Yields means that shrinkage for thousands of ingredients has already been calculated for you.

Smart Pricing Recommendations

Tweak your recipes and watch as reciProfity’s Pricing Grid dynamically suggests the ideal selling price so that you hit your margin every time.

  • Set a target food cost % globally or by recipe category, and reciProfity tells you exactly how much to charge.
  • Play around with portion sizes and ingredient substitutions until you hit the sweet spot.
  • Ingredient prices automatically update and ripple through all your recipes with each new supplier invoice.

What our users say

100% Cloud based

Integrates with your current software

Multi-unit support

Automatic yield calculations

How does reciprocity stack up against the competition?

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Inventory Control

Pinpoint exactly where loss, waste or theft is costing you money.

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Recipe Management

Consolidate all your recipes, suppliers, prices and ordering info in one interactive database.

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