Recipe Management

  • All your recipes in one interactive database
  • Full allergen and nutrition support with integrated USDA data
  • Display read-only recipes on a kitchen tablet

Securely store all your recipes in one place for easy access from any device

Access everything from your phone at home just as easily as from the computer in your office

  • Import ingredient data directly from your suppliers’ order guides
  • Nest multiple products under the same top-level ingredient; ideal for when you purchase the same ingredient in different pack sizes or from different suppliers
  • Nest prep recipes into service recipes or into other prep recipes in unlimited layers.
  • Click seamlessly between service recipes, prep recipes, and ingredients without losing your place
  • Changes to prep recipes or ingredients instantly ripple through all associated recipes
  • Pounds, cups, liters, bushels and even the ubiquitous #10 can; reciProfity comes with over 200 units of measurement and knows how to convert between them all. Put the calculator away, you’ll never need it again.

Nutrition & Allergens

With our integrated USDA nutritional data, reciProfity becomes your centralized database for nutritional information automatically calculated for all your recipes.

  • Export nutritional facts to your website or send it to your printer for gorgeous, USDA-compliant nutritional labels.
  • Use the 14 default allergens or add your own.
  • Recipes get automatically tagged with allergens based on the ingredients they contain.
  • Associate ingredients with USDA nutritional codes and reciProfity automatically calculates the nutritional data of your recipes.
Nutrition & Allergens

Digital Recipe Book

Give your kitchen crew easy access to all the information they need… and not a bit more. The reciProfity Digital Recipe Book is a fully searchable database of all your recipes in a protected format that can’t be modified and doesn’t show pricing data, perfect for displaying on a tablet in your kitchen or production facility.

  • Display amounts, methods, and even plating photos to eliminate human error, so your guests get a perfectly consistent product every time they visit
  • Replace unsanitary binders full of greasy, barely legible papers with an easy-to-clean, easy-to-use tablet. If your crew can use Instagram on their phones, the Digital Recipe Book will be a breeze.
  • Large-print, high-contrast display for easy viewing in a busy kitchen
  • Syncs automatically with your master recipe database so the kitchen crew always has access to the most up to date versions of your recipes.
  • Give primary team members their own account and let them access the Digital Recipe Book on their own devices. Simply cancel their account when they leave your company and your recipes stay safe and confidential.
  • Prep recipes can be scaled depending on the day's needs, but changes cannot be saved.
  • Scaling a recipe automatically scales and displays all its sub-recipes, too.
  • Click here to see it in action!
Digital Recipe Book

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100% Cloud based

Integrates with your current software

Multi-unit support

Automatic yield calculations

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