Incorporate reciProfity into your existing workflow to reduce admin work even more!

Direct Integrations

reciProfity integrates via API with some of the most popular restaurant management apps for seamless data transfer, and we’re always adding more:


Quickbooks Online

Passport Accounting

Sage 100





(formerly Breadcrumb POS)

POS Integrations

reciProfity can also import your sales mix from any POS system on the market that can export an XLS file. If your provider isn’t on our list, just get in touch with our support team and we’ll be happy to create a template for your system.

Our Scheduler function imports sales data automatically every night after closing, or whenever you choose. That’s one more piece of busy work reciProfity takes off your plate.






Digital Dining


Harbor Touch

Info Genesis












The Scheduler

Automation isn’t just for Silicon Valley startups anymore. The reciProfity Scheduler helps restaurants of all sizes stop wasting time on repetitive tasks.

  • Schedule Recipe Share to go out every morning before your cooks start prep.
  • Import sales data from your POS system every night after closing.
  • Send out inventory reports every Monday.
  • Import PlateIQ invoices every afternoon.

The Scheduler remembers to do your busy work. Remembering to turn off the grill before you leave is still on you.

  • Schedule tasks for each of the following options: Recipe Share, Plate IQ invoices, POS Import, and Reporting Export. reciProfity will run these options at a pre-set time (morning, evening, overnight) so you can set it and forget it! Task Manager will keep you alerted to scheduled runs, upcoming and completed.
  • Scheduler for Reporting Export is $10 Month/ $100 Year per unit. Recipe Share, Plate IQ Invoices, and POS Import

Task Manager notifies you of all complete and upcoming tasks on a single management screen.

No more clicking around to see what imports, exports and Recipe Shares have been completed. Easily see all recent and upcoming automated imports, exports, and recipe shares all on one screen! The recent tasks screen shows the details and status of all your tasks including the details on errors and imports.

The upcoming tasks screen lets you see all of your recurring and scheduled relays, exports, and imports in one place.

You can even set up alerts to receive emails when your tasks run!

Add-on components


Each add-on is only $10/Month (or $100/Year) per unit.

Additional units are $30/month (or $300/year) and include Recipe Share and Transfer features. The Multi-Unit Operation package includes one free additional unit.

Additional users are $10/month (or $100/year).

Accounting Export

Export your invoices from reciProfity to QuickBooks Online or Sage100 (MAS90/100)

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Catering Export

Export recipe portion unit, portion cost, and selling price into Caterease and a fixed layout for importing into catering software (reciProfity default).

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Count Import

Import your counts from the Accardis Liquor Control System, Bar-I, and from an Excel spreadsheet.  

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Label Export

Export ingredients (including all product sub-ingredients) and nutritional information for labels. 

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Nutrition Export

Export all recipe nutrition information to an Excel Spreadsheet   

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Production Import

Import recipe production quantities (from catering software, accounting, spreadsheets, ordering system, etc.) to create production sheets instantly.

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Reporting Export

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Recipe Share

Develop recipes in your central kitchen and broadcast them to all your branches. This feature is included in the Multi-Unit Operations package, and with each additional purchased unit.

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Transfers both inventory and prep recipes from one unit to another. Transferred prep recipes become inventory in the receiving unit. This feature is included in the Multi-Unit Operations package, and with each additional purchased unit.

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Reporting Interface

Many of our users have external reporting systems (either customized or Excel based) that provide enhanced or consolidated analytics.

It’s very time consuming to load reciProfity data manually. This interface solves that problem: key reciProfity reports are created and pushed to a zip file on your selected FTP site;
this can be optionally scheduled. Reports include:

  • Inventory Creep
  • Recipe Creep
  • Inventory On-hand
  • Invoice Journal
  • Variance