About Us

How It Started

For over 40 years, the founders and team behind reciProfity have been dedicated to building food costing and inventory control software. It all began in the 1980s when reciProfity started as At Your Service Software, Inc., offering a program for MS-DOS. Around the turn of the century, the Windows desktop version, CostGuard, was released, and in 2017 the cloud-based version, reciProfity, was launched.

reciProfity Founders, Matthew and Pam Starobin, met while working demanding jobs on Wall Street when they decided to pursue a new business adventure. Pam, Matthew’s wife, took up cooking classes with a famous chef in New York where she noticed a gap in efficient recipe management. This inspired Pam and, together, they conceptualized and delivered one of the first computerized consumer recipe programs. This was just the beginning of reciProfity’s journey.

Evolving with Technology

In 2017, recognizing the evolving technology needs in the food service industry, Matthew and Pam launched the third iteration of their solutions stack that is now called reciProfity. Now, reciProfity proudly serves restaurant, hotel, and retail food operators around the globe, providing them with best-in-class cloud-hosted solutions for food costing, inventory control, and recipe management, built on 40+ years of industry knowledge and expertise.

reciProfity’s industry-leading food costing system unlocks the full potential of your recipes, adding real dollars to your bottom line and giving you more time to create exceptional experiences for your customers. With comprehensive tools for recipe and inventory management, integrated with the USDA National Nutrient Database, our solutions help you uncover hidden areas for increased earnings and savings, protecting your profits and regaining control over your inventory.

The Future of reciProfity

In August 2023, ECRS, a leading retail technology solutions provider for over 30 years, acquired reciProfity, giving the founders enthusiasm about the future to continue reciProfity’s legacy. In recognizing the mutual values and mission to serve food operators and retailers with cutting-edge technology, the decision to move forward with the acquisition came naturally to fuel further innovation, ensuring continuous software development and quality customer support. As a Certified Evergreen company, ECRS is committed to longevity, reliability, and stability for our team members, customers, and the communities we operate in, providing confidence in continued innovation and food operator and retailer partnership for years to come.

Our goal is to automate food service operations, optimize profit margins, and enable you to focus on providing superior customer experiences. Together, we are creating a future where your passion and profitability align harmoniously. Join us on this transformative journey towards profitability and operational excellence.