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Food costing and recipe costing is hellish. It’s complicated and time consuming. reciProfity food costing software gives you the EDGE.

It not only calculates your food costs (and recipe costs!), but it calculates shrinkage and yield! And prices your recipes using after shrink pricing. That’s huge.

You can’t possibly figure out all those conversions and yields:

  • How many cups are there in a lb of sugar?
  • How many fluid ounces in a bottle of Stoli?
  • What’s left after I tip and peel carrots?
  • How many cups of 1/4″ diced carrots does a lb yield?
  • What’s my yield after trimming tenderloin? Or cleaning fish?
  • How can I calculate nutritional information?

With an integrated Book of Yields TM reciProfity  can calculate conversions from volume to weight and vice versa and tackle pesky yield %.

Yield % changes can mean after shrinkage price differences for your ingredients. We use the after shrinkage price in your recipes to calculate accurate food costs. And we can do it for sterling or metric!

If you are doing food costing for restaurants, retail prepared foods, catering, or institutional food service you spend too much time on paperwork and there are still too many mistakes. reciProfity is a cloud-based software solution that automates all that, increases efficiency, saves you time, and grows your profit margin.

reciProfity delivers food costing software for restaurant management (independent, multi-unit and food truck), retail and production kitchens, hotels and banquet halls, casinos, caterers, bakeries, delis, corporate, commissaries and institutional foodservice.

ReciProfity Video Recipe Plus

 reciProfity: fast and accurate food costing, with even more features:

  • We ‘understand’ order guides from suppliers, and include translations of their occasional wacky abbreviations: did you know that ‘z’ stands for ounce? Pound  can look like lb, lbs, lb., pound, #, etc. OK, you get the idea.

  • Scaling: it’s smart! 16 tablespoons converts to 1 cup. Kitchen friendly conversions means no estimates. What would your prep people do with a recipe that says ’16 tbls’? Maybe that’s something you don’t want to think about?

  • Unit conversions: if you buy a 750 ml bottle, use cups in your recipe, no problem. We like Canada!

  • Track nutritional, and view the analysis on the newest USDA label.

  • Associate inventory items with common and even custom allergens, and reciProfity identifies the affected recipes.

  • Build upon recipes to create menus to banquets. You can associate any item with any other item: inventory, prep recipes, serving recipes, etc. There’s no limits to the number of recipes, OR their depth.

  • reciProfity calculates food cost or margin % (your choice) for your recipes and then compares that % to your target. Determine the best selling price based on that calculation.

  • Current CostGuard user? reciProfity has an easy import for all your CostGuard data.

reciProfity, The Book of Yields and Price After Shrinkage

BOY Cauliflower

reciProfity has an integrated Book of Yields to convert weight to volume and vice versa, as well as to specify and recalculate pricing based on yields. Use this or add your own.


Convert from weight to volume and vice versa. If your yield % is less or more than 100% this will change the cost of your ingredient

Cauliflower Price After Shrinkage

The Price After Shrinkage is based on your real yield %. reciProfity uses this after shrinkage price in your recipes for more accurate food costing.

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Current CostGuard User?

reciProfity has an easy  import for all your CostGuard data.

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