reciProfity Software Features

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Recipe Costing and Menu Management- reciProfity helps you make and save more by pricing your menu accurately

Our Software Makes Spreadsheets Look Like Bedsheets

There’s no comparison when considering reciProfity food costing software , it does it all for total menu management: recipe costing, menu engineering, food and liquor costing, inventory control, nutrition, sales management, interfaces with suppliers, POS, accounting and catering systems.

reciProfity food costing software instantly costs and re-calculates recipes and menus and stores them in the cloud for secure and easy access. Learn more about why you should bring your business to the cloud.

reciProfity’s built in Pricing Grid is your automatic food cost calculator. Your ideal recipe and menu cost is optimized because reciProfity suggests selling prices based on global and category targets.

Recipe Costing Pricing GridPricing Grid is your Automatic Food Cost Calculator

reciProfity calculates shrinkage (or loss) by major food group, smaller groups, and even by the actual item. ‘Alert’ reports show usage and shrinkage sorted by dollar amounts. Every saved dollar goes directly to your “bottom line.” 

But you can’t calculate your food cost accurately if you don’t take ingredient yields and shrinkage and preps into consideration. That’s where reciProfity works magic with the built in Book of  Yields.

reciProfity and Book of Yields Yields and ShrinkageChoose from over 1,000 raw ingredients yields from the Book of Yields

Then keep an eye on your vendors by importing invoices and order guides. We alert you immediately to any price creep in both ingredients and recipes.

recipe price creep analysis

Recipe Costing Mastery

Our current release has everything you need to control your recipe costing and expose areas for earnings and savings, including:

  • Create and maintain recipes and inventory items
  • Recipe costing
  • Update inventory prices
  • Import vendor order guides
  • USDA National Nutrient Database Release 28
  • 2017 Nutritional labeling
  • Book of Yields integration for conversions and yields

Reporting includes: Recipe Pricing Analyzer, recipe and ingredient Price Creep and Where Used.

Inventory Management Witchcraft

Our Ingredient Management solutions will take the toil and trouble out of your food costing management, including:

  • Take counts
  • Create Purchase Orders
  • Enter invoices (upload from Sysco, GFS and USF or spreadsheets, from a PO or enter manually)
  • Requisitions both manual and from recipes or menus
  • Waste Tracking
  • Maintain accurate on hand and inventory valuation.

Selling Like There’s No Tomorrow

We’re dedicated to finding ways to help you automate processes and focus on what you care about most, including:

  • Import sales data from your POS (we can import from ANY POS that exports a sales mix or “grind” file with a PLU, number sold and optional dollars sold).
  • Deplete inventory based on sales
  • Integrating with your POS to track sales as it applies to inventory usage helps pinpoint waste or theft by tracking your inventory usage. If you don’t see your POS system on our long list just let us know and we’ll create one for you as long as you can get us your data!
  • Create a Sales Mix report
  • Report on Variance
  • Winners and Losers

And if you have a multi-unit operation we have Transfers and Recipe Relay. Check it out.

Create A More Profitable Menu With Smarter Recipe Costing

We have 3 levels of pricing available for our software. Each level gives you different access to the tools and features you need that’ll make you giggle at how simple recipe costing and pricing can actually be!