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Food Costing Software With Robust Inventory Management

Controls menu pricing and inventory management.  Delivery anxiety? Click here for best pricing practices.

Finally. Food Costing Software That Actually Lowers Your Food Cost!

reciProfity is more than just food costing software. It’s also a robust inventory management system. We’ve developed reciProfity food costing, recipe costing and inventory management software with over 30 years of experience. Food costing, also called plate costing, is more than just calculating what you pay and how much you sell your recipes and menus for. For any food service business, restaurants, retail prepared food, ghost kitchens, commissary and production kitchens, and breweries. If you make and serve food you need food costing software for the accuracy of yields and shrinkage. reciProfity gives you the equations in the Book of Yields with instant access to yield and shrinkage data for over 1000 commonly used ingredients. Yields and shrinkage expose savings in the recipes you thought were costing less. Learn more about how reciProfity becomes your food costing and recipe costing guru.


Watch how we do food costing, including the Book Of Yields conversions. Scroll down to the next video to see how smoothly reciProfity handles inventory management.


More Than Just Food Costing, it’s  Robust Inventory Management Software!

Food costing is more than just calculating selling prices.  Yes, reciProfity calculates yields based on shrinkage to give you more accurate recipe costs, it also imports your order guides, manages your counts (and can take counts offline and save them for when you are in wifi range), imports invoices, creates purchase orders from a Shopping Cart that email directly to your vendors, prepares requisitions and production sheets and integrates with QuickBooks online (exports your invoices to your GL accounts, tax and freight!). See below for POS interfaces.


See how smoothly reciProfity handles Inventory Management


Can You Put A Price On Savings? Yes. And Import your Sales Mix from POS!

reciProfity finds the money in your menu and returns it to you in cold, hard cash. reciProfity integrates with any POS system and reads the Sales Mix or “grind” files to import your sales dollars and number sold. We’ll deplete your inventory based on that sales mix and show you your Ideal Usage and Variance! Rest assured, reciProfity finds the money in your menu. We’ve just added Breadcrumb POS to our partner list. Breadcrumb uses an API to do a direct Sales Mix Import.

What Our Users Say

Dirty Dog Street Food reciProfity user

Dirty Dog Street Food

reciProfity shaved 10% off my food costs and saves me literally hours of busy work every week. Aside from giving me the most accurate food costs I’ve ever had, reciProfity makes it a breeze to change suppliers or ingredient type without having to update individual recipes. The super intuitive cloud-based app is also a godsend when I need to check data from my phone or when I’m out of the office. I’ve used tons of different food costing and recipe management programs in my day and reciProfity is by far the easiest, most effective solution I’ve found.

Chris Dobrovsky

Chef Dirty Dog
Real reciProfity user Isaac of Dirty Dog Street Food "reciProfity has changed the way I do business and earn money."
Dunn Brothers Coffee reciProfity user

Dunn Brothers Coffee

reciProfity was very easy to implement and makes it possible to accurately share and track our recipe costs and nutrition information. Extremely valuable as we prepare for the FDA mandate!

Deb Williams

We are very pleased with reciProfity and have used this program to its fullest to ensure we are hitting our margin goals.

Wildberries Marketplace
Aaron Gottschalk , GM

Independent Natural Food Retailers

In order to compete and thrive, independent natural food retailers require the same opportunities to benefit from the efficiencies of scale, and the deployment of food costing software, that are available to larger, established national chain retailers. As part of our core mission to provide operational support to members, INFRA engaged in an extensive search to identify a food costing software partner. The result is that reciProfity is the INFRA Preferred Partner for food costing software; this agreement has been renewed through 2023. We now use reciProfity for our own internal recipe development. INFRA confidently recommends reciProfity for the proven business improvements it provides to INFRA members.

Rachael Comeaux Fresh Team Manager

reciProfity user
Albertsons prepared foods
OSU Cowboy dining

Get To Know reciProfity On An Intimate Level.

We’re always ready to help you out, but we also continually update resources to answer that educational itch. Our goal is to keep that food cost model muscle in tip top shape! Leverage below to keep yourself primed with recipe savings and knowledgeable tips for becoming more successful.


Need to get up to speed more quickly? Have a group you want to train together? We offer training webinars as well as on site training. Click here for pricing and to schedule.


Become a pro with our reciProfity QuickStart Guides and in depth instructions.

Current CostGuard User?

It’s easy to migrate from CostGuard to reciProfity.  Click here for the benefits and instructions. Using Cheftec but want to switch to reciProfity? Follow these directions. Need more help? email us at

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