Best Practices for Restaurant Inventory Management

What should I do first price my recipes or manage my inventory? That’s a question we’re often asked. When faced with multiple options it’s sometimes easy to get discombobulated.

If you are running a food service operation you’ll want to determine what the most pressing demands are. Is it pricing your menu? Keeping close tabs on your inventory? You can definitely do both but you’ll need to start with one.

Set your priority and use that as your guide.

  • Whichever option you choose the first thing you need to do is get your inventory entered into reciProfity. Enter all of your inventory from all of your vendors. Do this by uploading Order Guides (NOT invoices) or entering your ingredients manually.
    Now you have several choices –

    • Begin to enter your recipes so you can price them
    • Start counting your inventory
      This choice depends upon what is most important to you right now. Most users start with entering recipes so they can get a handle on menu pricing.If getting control of your inventory is primary then start creating locations and assigning your inventory to those locations.
  • Once you have both inventory and recipes entered you should start uploading your invoices so your recipes can be priced accurately.
  • If you have not created Locations and assigned your inventory into those locations you should do that now.
  • Are you integrating with a POS system? Now is the time to start importing your sales mix so you can get your Actual vs Ideal Inventory reports.
  • Don’t forget to take counts! This will give you accurate reporting.
  • And finally, run your inventory reports!