Breadcrumb POS and reciProfity

The API does all the Sales Mix Import work!

Breadcrumb POS and reciProfity

We are very pleased to announced the release of our BreadCrumb POS interface.

Using an API to integrate Breadcrumb and reciProfity means:

  1. Connecting reciProfity with a leading cloud based POS system
  2. Making your life easier. The API makes the connection so there’s no more downloading files and then importing them.

Instead of exporting FROM POS and INTO reciProfity , BreadCrumb enables us to ‘grab’ your sales automatically for the period you specify. This is a huge time saver when importing your sales mix.

When you select Breadcrumb as your POS filter, you are prompted for your login.

When you select your date range, reciProfity will automatically find all of the sales in that date range!

Once we have your sales mix we can crunch your sales data, depleting your inventory and creating Sales Mix and Menu Engineering reports. No more guess work.