CostGuard Food Costing and reciProfity Cloud Food Costing Software

If you are a current CostGuard Food Costing Software user and want to know why you should switch to reciProfity Cloud Food Costing Software we’re here to tell you:

1. Cloud based Food Costing Software!

  • You can work from anywhere on any device that has a browser! Use iPads, Macs, etc. Licensing is per user, not per device.
  • Book of Yields is included in reciProfity cloud food costing software; you can select a Book of Yields item and all its conversion and prep info will be imported.

2. More pricing flexibility

  • A single inventory item can be packed in any number of ways. reciProfity will price it properly when you select an alternate vendor with a different pack.
  • Prep recipes have multiple units and can have shrinkage

3. Lots of changes to nutrition

  • USDA 2017 rules including formatting, added sugars, etc.
  • Added fields for labels: number of servings, serving size, weight, added sugar.
  • Assign inventory groups as ‘non nutritional’ so items in those groups (such as packaging) don’t appear as nutrition exceptions.

4. Lots of changes in Inventory and Recipe Managers:

  • Select/deselect columns
  • In-line editing for many of the fields
  • Options are remembered
  • Drag and crop column names for multi-level sorting
  • Filter for blank, e.g., what inventory items don’t have a vendor?

5. More key features for enhanced user experience

  • Drag and drop ingredients when editing a recipe
  • Save and stay in recipe (actually everywhere, but recipe was the most requested)
  • Longer name fields

6. Data Optimization

  • After converting your data, you can merge items. So where you have 2 different ‘sugars’ in CostGuard because they are packed differently, you can merge them into the same ‘sugar’ in reciProfity.
  • You can also merge groups. So if you import new items from a supplier and include THEIR groups, you can merge that group with a current group. You won’t need to edit each item.

7. Better tools to get the most out of your data

  • Search Engine logic is used widely to provide intelligent results: inventory manager, recipe manager, recipe entry, etc. You don’t need to click ‘full text search’ for a different set of results.
  • Recipe Analyzer report; sorts your selling recipes by percentage in and out of the money. It’s like the Recipe Pricing Report, but is a clickable and sortable list of the recipes.