For Craft Beer Brewers Beer Costing is No Different than Food Costing

A craft brewery takes into account the same materials and labor as food costing, as well as the same inventory management. You’ll need to track both to be successful, breweries run the risk of losing money on missing inventory (all those small cans and bottles), not to mention the ingredients used to make the beer.

Breweries need to calculate the costs of your kegs, cans, bottles, and any containers you use. You’ll need to count your inventory, determine your sales and see if you have any variance. Make sure all that work your doing isn’t walking out the door!

This article is a great intro to costing and inventory control for breweries.

Then take a look at reciProfity and see how easily it lets you price out your beers and manage all your inventory, from ingredients through the finished product. And if you make and serve food reciProfity will calculate all your recipe costs and manage your food inventory for you.