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Talk to us about Plate IQ, our newest partner!

Learn how you can use  Plate IQ to scan paper invoices, and then import the scan into reciProfity (and CostGuard).

Email Matthew at if you’d like to learn more. And check out the Plate IQ website.

reciProfity’s built in Pricing Grid is your automatic food cost calculator. Your ideal recipe and menu cost is optimized because reciProfity suggests selling prices based on your cost of goods. Using your current invoices reciProfity updates the cost of your ingredients and the impact that has on the cost of your recipes!

Plate IQ import invoice

Keep an eye on your vendors by importing invoices. reciProfity alerts you immediately to any price creep in both ingredients and recipes.

recipe price creep analysis

Create A More Profitable Menu With Smarter Recipe Costing

Keeping your ingredient pricing up to date is the best way! And now that you can scan in paper invoices there’s no excuse not to!!

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