We Offer Webinar and On- Site Training

Here is an overview of the different training programs we have:

On-Site Training, Tier I

Tier I training includes 3 critical segments:

  1. Group training, customized to meet your organization’s specific needs.
  2. Stake-holder orientation and briefing. This allows you to create specific deliverables, which are then carefully presented and reinforced during training. As an example, the stakeholders may want to see weekly actual usage reports, or a listing of actual vs. ideal recipe costing. We would emphasize those reports during the group training.
  3. Systems integration assistance: you may have many moving parts (e.g., POS, accounting, vendor data, miscellaneous spreadsheets, niche specific applications, etc.). Integrating these parts with our software, in a way that reduces duplicate data and wasted time, is essential. This is a discussion with the related parties to understand how to integrate these parts.

Cost: $1,800.00/8 hour day; one day minimum

Tier I training is conducted by someone with at least 5 years training experience with our software.

On-Site Training, Tier II (an optional add on to Tier I training):

Tier II training is more detailed, and includes the following:

  1. One-on-one training with specific team members. This is helpful for those who need additional assistance. People learn in different ways, and at different speeds. Individual training gets struggling people more engaged and more skilled.
  2. Data entry practice: users will actually enter data under our watch, and we’ll make sure they are using the software as efficiently as possible, and that the results are accurate and match your operation’s best practices.
  3. Data normalization: this will help standardize your current data (especially inventory items and recipes) so they are more reliable and easier to use. This includes functions like naming conventions, consistent unit usage, item shrinks and preps, etc.

Cost: $1,200.00/8 hour day; optional supplement to Tier I training; one day minimum

Tier II training is conducted by someone with at least 3 years training experience with our software.

Travel costs are additional but are not marked up. Please contact us for details.

We are seeing that the most successful implementation of post-training reciProfity users have a deployment plan, management processes in place to track progress, full scale acceptance and support of the implementation.

We now offer our services to help you develop a reciProfity deployment plan. It involves meeting with all the reciProfity stakeholders, and developing a set of expectations and deliverables so you can establish best practices and monitor compliance.

This typically takes approximately 2 hours.There are two ways to go forward:

  1. Meet during on-site training, preferably at the beginning of the training
  2. Have a conference call (and optional webinar), up to 2 hours; the cost is $500.00.

This would be conducted by a reciProfity executive with at least 15 years of back of the house software experience.

Off-site training (phone and webinar)

  • Hands-on. As many attendees as you’d like.
  • 2 hour block (minimum): $350.00

This customized training accrues in a minimum of 2 hours per session and needs to be scheduled.
Off-site training is customized for your operation, and is open only to your company.

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