Why the Cloud?

No Tech Skills Required

No downloading! Just type in on any device from anywhere and log in.

No Paying for IT Help

No need to hire an IT expert to install software or add a server, or network computers together.

No issues with anti-virus software or Windows “Rights”

Access reciProfity from anywhere and on any type of device

Cloud means it lives on an Amazon server so you can access reciProfity from any device anywhere!

Use it on a PC, a MAC, an iPad or an Android device.

Use it on one type of device at your office and then any other device at home or on the road. That means you can use it on a PC in your office and an iPad at home.

Easily Connect Other Users

Want to give your GM access? Just add another user logon. No need to network computers or purchase a server. Other users can access reciProfity from any device.

Set User Rights for individual users

Want to give other staff access but only to some functions and not everything (maybe you want your kitchen staff to have access to recipes but not counts or invoices). You can do that from anywhere you login. No need to be in your office.